A Closet Full of Stitches
DVD #2


How many canvases have you worked which involve fabric? DVD #2 from the "How'd You Do That?" needlepoint series, A  Closet Full of Stitches, is filmed to help "dress" your canvas fabrics. Lee's Needle Art, Inc.'s canvas, People Parade, WH1204, is a natural for demonstrating different stitches and techniques well-suited for fabric textures and clothing ideas. 60 minutes of clear instructions to watch as a movie, pause and study, or choose from 40 different scenes.

  • Gentleman #1: Wool Roving Beret, Skip Tent Stitch, Colonial Knot, French Knot, Encroached Gobelin Stitch, Woven Stitch
  • Lady #2:  Milanese Stitch Variation, Padded Satin Stitch, Straight Satin Stitch, Diamond Eyelet Stitch, Stitch Orientation
  • Lady #3:  Diagonal Scotch with a Cross Stitch, Slanted Satin Stitch, Design a Stitch
  • Lady #4:  Diagonal Knitting Stitch, Pulled Ribbon, Kalem Stitch
  • Gentleman #5:  Shaped Felt Padding, Satin Stitch, Rice Stitch, Compensation Tip, Van Dyke Stitch
  • Lady #6: Ruffled Hat Band, Locking the Ribbon, Soft Knot, Basting the Ribbon, Ribbon Collar, Double Burden Stitch, Laid Filling Demonstration
  • Lady #7:  Couched Baby Fluffy Fleece, Corduroy Stitch, Reverse Scotch Stitch, Braid Trim, Ribbon Handkerchief Technique
  • Lady #8:  Crossed Oblong Cross Stitch, Reverse Slanted Nobuko, Nobuko Stitch, Fly Away Threads  Tip, Bouclé Collar, Divided Scotch Stitch 

Pat Ryan, photographer 
(901) 753-8526
5949 Bishop Dale Drive, Memphis, TN  38141

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