Mops Tops and Buzz Cuts
DVD #3


Mop Tops and Buzz Cuts is the 3rd instructional DVD in the "How'd You Do That?" series with Amy Bunger. 60 minutes of Hair, Beard, Mustache, Eyebrows and Eyelash ideas for Needlepoint. 51 chapters. This DVD cleverly shows the unstitched canvas/stitched models transformation appear befor your eyes.

  • Long Straight Stitches: Changing Directions
    • Freeform Amadeus:  Freeform Amadeus Technique
    • Outline Stitch for Eye:  Tent Stitch Base for Eye, Outline Stitch for Upper Lash, Outline Stitch for Lower Lash
    • Packed Rows for Eyebrow:  Eyebrow Technique, The Complete Eye
    • Rya for Eyelashes:  Rya Technique
    • Gathered Ribbon for Eyelashes:  Gathered Ribbon Technique

Pat Ryan, photographer 
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