Barely There
DVD #6


Barely There is the sixth in the "How'd You Do That?" needlepoint series of DVDs with Amy Bunger. Sometimes a "light touch" with the thread and stitch is just the "right touch." This DVD is full of stitch, thread, and technique ideas that will help you succeed in adding texture and depth to your design while still using the artistry of the original painted canvas.  Needlepoint is a textile sculpture and a minimalist approach can be interesting and effective. 64 Chapters with many stitched models illustrating the Barely There techniques in this 1-hour long DVD.

Shadow Stitching

  • Shadow Stitching Definition, Sound Waves Stitch, Sound Waves Technique (Bargello Tuck. Pinhead Stitch), 3 Backstitches, Bars Stitch, Traveling Stem Stitch (Traveling Stem Technique, End with Pinhead Stitch, Start with Bargello Tuck, Incorrect Way to End)

Exposed Canvas

  • Poolside Slide Stitch, Joseph Model, Calla Lily Model (Outline Stitch), Yellow Apples on Red Purse Model, Limp on a Limb Model (Ray Stitch), Shell Bell Pull Model, Tall Sickly Green House Model (Irregular Eyelets, Irregular Rows of Gobelin), Wreath of Leaves Model (Skip Tent)


  • Blackwork Definition, Honeycomb Pattern, Honeycomb Blackwork Technique (Ending the Thread, Starting the Thread, Diamond Eyelet), Eyelet Technique (Small Eyelet Technique, Large Eyelet Technique), Ebony Dress Model, Manhattan Drink Model, White Wine Model, Harlequin Nutcracker Model

Lite Stitching

  • LIte Stitching Definition, Willow Stitch (Weave Away to End, Weave Away to Start, Ending Threads in Middle), Daffodil Lite Stitching Model, Beaty Stitch, Small Swirl Stitch (Do Not Break the Pattern), Summer Barbecue Model (Skip Tent), Slide Stitch (Slide Stitch Technique, Connected Pattern, Chenille Needle, Anchor the Slide Stitch, Start the Bargello Tuck), Appliquéd Flair (Appliquéd Flair Technique, Plan Ahead Paper Pattern, Appliquéd Flair on Onions, Ebony Appliquéd Flair Model), Martini Drink / Water 'n Ice Model

Darning Patterns

  • Darning Pattern Definition, Hope Deco Hat #6 Model, Daisy Deco Hat #3 Model, Singing in the Rain Model, Darning Pattern Technique (Where to End the Thread, Weave Away to End, Weave Away to Start), Pretty Peasant Dress Model, Daffodil Alicia's Lace Model, Grandfather Frost Nutcracker, Giant Narcissus Model

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