Spiders and More!
DVD #8


Spiders and More! is the eighth DVD in the "How'd You Do That? needlepoint series with Amy Bunger. Amy has a special guest, Kelly Clark to join her on this DVD as they share "Spider" techniques, or weaving in a spiral. 

This 1-hour 1-minute DVD, with wonderful close-up camera work, showcases valuable procedures to add more interest and dimension to your needlepoint.  There are 16 chapters allowing the viewer to fast forward to the next stitch of interest of pause and study.

Learn how to do Spiders of all kinds: Raised Spider, Ribbed Spider, Woven Spiders, Raised Stem, Ribbed Horn, and Woven Ribbon Roses. Stitches that End in a Weave are also demonstrated. Each of these techniques will add dimension and interest to your needlepoint.

Learn these Needleweaving Techniques with Amy Bunger:

  • Raised Spider Introduction
  • Raised Spider Technique
  • Large Raised Spider Technique
  • Oval Raised Spider Technique
  • Needleweaving Padding Supplies
  • Raised Spider Padding Technique 
  • Raised Stem Stitch Technique
  • Left-handed Raised Stem Technique
  • Thread too Thin or too Thick?
  • Ribbed Spider Technique
  • Ribbed Horn Technique
  • Ribbed & Raised Weaving Combined
  • Woven Spider Technique
  • Woven Ribbon Rose Technique
  • Stitches that End in a Weave
  • Herringbone Strap Stitch
  • Waffle Stitch
  • Jessica Stitch

Pat Ryan, photographer 
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