Back to Basics • Level 1 Part 1
DVD #9


For several years, Tony Minieri has traveled and taught his Back to Basics The Right Way / Bad Habits Broken Here (Level One) class. Tony's 4-day class material is now presented in DVD format; the Level One series is divided into three parts. Each DVD shows us the Right Way for improving our Needlepoint Techniques. Watching these DVDs will also prepare a student who plans to attend his new upcoming Level Two classes. 

Back to Basics • Level 1 Part 1 is the ninth DVD in the "How'd You Do That?" instructional needlepoint DVD series. This DVD is 53 minutes long and has 36 chapter markers. Watch this DVD like a movie, or search and pause to review these techniques. Tony Minieri is the featured artist, and Amy Bunger is the guest stitcher.

  • Essential Tools:  Tapestry Needles, Chenille Needles, Crewel/Embroidery Needles, The Needle Index
  • Threading the Needle: Threading the Needle x 2, Quilter's Knot
  • Beginning and Ending Threads:  In the Path Waste Knot, Pinhead Stitch, An Away Waste Knot, "L" Stitch
  • Straight Gobelin Stitches:  Brick Stitch, Parisian Stitch, Hungarian Stitch, Double Hungarian Stitch, Sutherland Stitch, Laying Tools, Woven Ribbons, Victorian Step Stitch, Two-Way Victorian Step Stitch
  • Diagonal Stitches: Scotch Stitch, Mosaic Stitch, Tent Stitches, Half-Cross Stitch, Continental Stitch, Basketweave, Scissors, 4-Way Continental, Alicia's Lace
  • Tony's Tenets

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