Tips Hints + Knots
DVD #1


Learn things you never knew, be reminded of things you might have forgotten, and see those tricky 3-D stitches and techniques which are hard to figure out from a one-dimension diagram or chart.

Tips Hints + Knots, 1st in the "How'd You Do That?" series of needlepoint DVDs with Amy Bunger, is about the art of needlepointing with information for all skill levels. This hour-long DVD has 42 chapters; allowing the viewer to fast forward to the next stitch of inerest, or pause and study.

60 minutes of close-up, clear instruction which you can watch as a movie, or choose from 42 different scenes at the touch of a button.

  • Threading the Needle: Commercial Needle Threaders, Pinch and Press, Needling the Thread, Fold Pinch and Press, Paper Trough
  • Knotting Your Thread:  Wrap and Roll Knot, Tailor's Knot, Quilter's Knot
  • Anchoring the Thread: In Your Path Waste Knot, Pinhead, Away Waste Knot, Weave Under, 3 Backstitches to Start, 3 Backstitches to Finish, Weave Away to Start, Weave Away to Finish, Securing "L" Knot, Piggyback Waste Knot, Bargello Tuck, Tying Off Your Threads, Run Under, Pinhead, and Bargello Tuck
  • Knotted Stitches:  French Knot, Colonial Knot, French Knot on a  Stalk, Palestrina Knot, Sorbello Knot, Bullion Knot, Arched Bullion Knot, Twisted Lazy Daisy, Slide Bullion, Slide Shimmer Blend RibbonFloss, Slide Sparkle Rays, Detached Bullion, Twisted  Cord Fringe, Gathered Stitch

Pat Ryan, photographer 
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